Welcome to The Millennial Theatre Company!

“Ohio’s Original Millennial-Based Theatrical Organization!”

Based in Youngstown, Ohio, The Millennial Theatre Company consists of actors, directors, singers, dancers, and technicians ages 18-35, who aim to produce theatrical experiences that reflect the interests and experiences of the Millennial Generation. Check out our information about our upcoming productions, auditions, special events, and much more!

Whats Going On?

MTC’s Third Annual Sydney Candle Fundraiser

MTC’s Third Annual Sydney Candle Fundraiser- Fill your home with the scents of the season this Christmas with our Holiday scented candles from Sydney Candles! These candles have been featured in the Golden Globe gift bags, and are known around the country for their high quality and long-lasting scent! Support two local businesses through this fundraiser, and bring the smells of the holiday into your home this December! Place your order here!