The Future of MTC is “Lit”

The Millennial Theatre Company is no stranger to hard work, which was evident throughout the creative process of our last production.

As we look to our next show, we want to make sure our future shines as bright as our young performers often do, which is why we’re in the middle of a Sydney Candle Fundraiser.

From November 11th to December 2nd, a selection from Sydney Candles are available as part of a fundraiser to support MTC. This money will go toward our next production, which requires more resources and participants than our 2016 show, so we want to ensure we have the proper funds to support this endeavor.

The candles featured in the sale include:


Purchasing a candle can be done one of two ways: online or through a board member.

Online: Simply using the code, MTC2016, at checkout sends the proceeds to us while having the candles shipped directly to you. The website can be found here.

Board Member: Contact Joe Asente, Sydney Olejnik, Cassie Smith, Rachel Franek, or JoJo Garcia, to place an order (with your money), and they will deliver the candles to you at the earliest convenience.

For more information, please contact us at, on our Facebook, The Millennial Theatre Company, our Twitter, @mtc_theatre, or Instagram, @mtc_theatre. We hope you’ll consider supporting a start-up nonprofit on a mission to bring generation-relevant theatre to the Mahoning Valley this holiday season.


“Sydney Candle Company is a family business based in Cortland, Ohio. We are dedicated to creating premium, hand-crafted, pure soy candles. At Sydney Candle, we take great pride and care in the making of our products, and each candle is hand-poured to ensure a unique and individual look.” –The Sydney Candle Company LLC Website

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