Workshop with MTC!

The first step to getting involved in a theatrical production is by auditioning. Whether you are new to the world of theatre or are a seasoned veteran, it’s important to be up on your skills, and the Millennial Theatre Company wants to help you be ready for your next audition.

Participate in our Audition Workshop!

Through our six week program, you’ll learn the importance of monologue and song selection, resume construction, as well as receive professional headshots, improve experience, and the opportunity to present what you’ve learned in a performance showcase.


Goals of the Week

From the workshop, we intend to help participants gain a general knowledge of the theatre industry, prepare for collegiate, community, and professional theatre auditions, understand the process of selecting materials for auditions, establish a professional resume, and learn about local auditions happening in the surrounding area.


Registration is open now! Just contact MTC and we’ll help you get signed up. For more information can be found on the attached infographic!

Have any questions? Leave us a comment, message us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or email us at


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