MTC’s First Original Musical!

The Millennial Theatre Company is proud to announce a new partnership with The Rust Belt Theatre Company to produce their first original musical, written entirely by the Millennial Generation. This musical comes from the local Millennial writing team of Joe Asente and Savannah Florkowski. The musical will make its world-premiere in May of 2017.

This musical, Nothing or All, examines the struggle to understand ourselves, as well as those around us. Following the story of Jason, the audience is taken into the mind of a young person dealing with crippling depression. Jason, at the end of his rope, walks to a bridge to end his life. It is there that he meets Emelia, a young business professional at the end of her own rope. Jason saves Emelia from her fate, and the two quickly fall in love. But as Emelia’s wounds begin to heal, Jason is left in an ever darker, more isolated spot. Will Emelia be enough to heal Jason’s broken soul?

Author and MTC Artistic Director Joe Asente is very excited about the new partnership with The Rust Belt, “I cannot imagine a better place to host our first original musical. The Rust Belt is the king of local, original work, and I am so excited that we have the opportunity to debut our musical with them. To have Rob Joki, the creator of some of the best locally written material I have ever seen, put his stamp of approval on your show is pretty special.”

The musical was written in Asente and Florkowski’s senior year at Ohio University. The two met as RAs in the Fine Arts Living Community, and they quickly became friends. They began creating the musical at 3am, based on a shared idea that the two had. The themes from this musical were selected from the results of focus group MTC conducted with members of the Millennial Generation this past fall. The result is an emotional musical that has been described as “A Triumphant Drama” and “Emotionally Stirring” with “Haunting Melodies.” Don’t miss your chance to see this emotionally-charged musical drama, that is sure to leave not a dry eye in the house. See the poster below for more information.


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